Tuesday, April 21, 2009

About Friggn' Time...

YUP! I am a blogist... And it's about time. I really don't know why I have put this off for so long. But I'll get to the gist of this post... THE BOWLER!
This first Mid-tone sketch was done as a brain fart. What started off as scribbles ended up as a crazy Bowler guy. Anyways, I didn't waste anytime banging out some rough expressions and color concepts.

I'm aware the character is still young, but I plan on finishing the turn around I started when I have the time. And yes, I am currently obsessed with mid tones right now. It's been a crazy month for me, I'm all over the place. I'd like to say expect fast updates on here, I have A LOT of work I would love to post to get some opinions. Some work from school, and mostly more finished recent work.......alright fine....1 more. This one was up on my Facebook profile for a bit, I'll put it up for Higher Res' sake.

Stay tuned, internet!