Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Uh oh, time for some more ipad paintings. I'm still sifting through all of them. Sorry for the time gap. I really suck with keeping this on a schedule.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


I know, It's been THAT long since I updated. Well, there is a reason for that. I think along the way I just got bored of my style. It was literally 2 years of not drawing. Little to no drawing anyways. It wasn't until I bought a little tool that gave me MORE confidence in my drawings. Gave me a complete and total fresh start. An iPad. What you see under this, are 100% complete and total iPad paintings and drawings. No outside influence. It's now my weapon of choice. I don't know what happened, I wrestled with the thing for a year and finally I realized what it could do. UGH I'm rambling. Anyways, sorry for the obscenely long absence, I had to do a COMPLETE and TOTAL overhaul both mentally and artistically. ALL criticisms are welcome. 
                I hope you look forward to a lot more, there is a dump truck of other stuff I will post shortly.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to the Future

Ah Jeez... It's really been THIS long since I have posted? That's embarrassing... Unfortunately, I really don't have that much new stuff to post. I was digging around in my MAC to find some stuff that I thought you would like or maybe some people haven't seen this bunch, I figured it was worth a shot. This really seems like I am beating a dead horse here(which I am) with this whole short film thing, so this will DEFIANTLY be the last of it's content. Also, this is a good way to show that I am more or less versed in other design areas...I think...

This tonal, and Snared... may just be the only things i have REALLY ever been proud of...

I somehow lost the raw files of these turnarounds. Sorry for the weird page layout.

Some old old old marker stuff I put together...

I really wanted to post these about 3 months ago.

ALSO! I JUST JUST REMEMBERED THESE! super outdated, and not very well done... but, it was enough to merit personal satisfaction and good marks. Remember, they are 2 years old... Be gentle.

Hopefully have some more content soon.