Sunday, July 5, 2009

Random Things.

Sears Portrait.

OKAY! Hi there, I got like 3 things to cover. This post is gonna be all messy...I hate when it's unorganized...ANYWAYS!

Uhhhhhmmm, I am really super busy these days. We started on this new show at the studio I am currently employed at, and it's blast. Animating on it is way too fun. I really have been putting in A LOT of hours there. So, a lot of my drawing time was cut short. It was a miracle that I got the time to get my entry done for Sketch Themes...We'll get to that in a minute.

Just some friggn' faces.
Obviously, these are just the faces from the side. I put em' here so you could get them in better detail...for resolution sake. These are just glorified warm-ups. Once again, a great learning exercise.
The Ultimate Warrior.

Ummm, I'm posting this for two reasons. I got a few emails surprisingly asking how I went about doing this from rough to Clean. I'm so terrible at explaining things, so I figure it would be better to show you. I'm really fairly new to this whole coloring thing. I'm photoshop retarded. But I am coming around...hopefully this helps.
Also, I may be updating this within the week...I sent this to The Ultimate Warrior, HIMSELF, and am currently awaiting a response...if he gets back to me (if ever) I would love to post his email.

I swear to god this is the last thing. I REAAAAALLLLLY want to do another set of my cowboys... I really had A BLAST doing them and the natives...but am unable to think of anything cool. My brain is dead by the end of the day. If you got any suggestions, oh god...I'd love to hear em.