Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to the Future

Ah Jeez... It's really been THIS long since I have posted? That's embarrassing... Unfortunately, I really don't have that much new stuff to post. I was digging around in my MAC to find some stuff that I thought you would like or maybe some people haven't seen this bunch, I figured it was worth a shot. This really seems like I am beating a dead horse here(which I am) with this whole short film thing, so this will DEFIANTLY be the last of it's content. Also, this is a good way to show that I am more or less versed in other design areas...I think...

This tonal, and Snared... may just be the only things i have REALLY ever been proud of...

I somehow lost the raw files of these turnarounds. Sorry for the weird page layout.

Some old old old marker stuff I put together...

I really wanted to post these about 3 months ago.

ALSO! I JUST JUST REMEMBERED THESE! super outdated, and not very well done... but, it was enough to merit personal satisfaction and good marks. Remember, they are 2 years old... Be gentle.

Hopefully have some more content soon.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Random Things.

Sears Portrait.

OKAY! Hi there, I got like 3 things to cover. This post is gonna be all messy...I hate when it's unorganized...ANYWAYS!

Uhhhhhmmm, I am really super busy these days. We started on this new show at the studio I am currently employed at, and it's blast. Animating on it is way too fun. I really have been putting in A LOT of hours there. So, a lot of my drawing time was cut short. It was a miracle that I got the time to get my entry done for Sketch Themes...We'll get to that in a minute.

Just some friggn' faces.
Obviously, these are just the faces from the side. I put em' here so you could get them in better detail...for resolution sake. These are just glorified warm-ups. Once again, a great learning exercise.
The Ultimate Warrior.

Ummm, I'm posting this for two reasons. I got a few emails surprisingly asking how I went about doing this from rough to Clean. I'm so terrible at explaining things, so I figure it would be better to show you. I'm really fairly new to this whole coloring thing. I'm photoshop retarded. But I am coming around...hopefully this helps.
Also, I may be updating this within the week...I sent this to The Ultimate Warrior, HIMSELF, and am currently awaiting a response...if he gets back to me (if ever) I would love to post his email.

I swear to god this is the last thing. I REAAAAALLLLLY want to do another set of my cowboys... I really had A BLAST doing them and the natives...but am unable to think of anything cool. My brain is dead by the end of the day. If you got any suggestions, oh god...I'd love to hear em.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pens, Highliters and Sharpies! + old sketches...

SO, these sketches were done at work, when I should have been animating...BUT IT'S COOL! They were really fast and gestural. I really missed drawing on paper when I went through (and currently going through) my cintiq addiction. I found myself reaching for a non-existent CTRL-Z...hmmm, weird. BUT ANYWAYS, all done with PEN, and Highlighter, and a little bit of sharpie...about 2-3 minutes per face,...and maybe full body drawing.....

ALSO! These following drawings are all on 11 x 17 and were to big to post at once...

PEN vs HIGHLIGHTER, let me know if you dig this combo...

AND!!! I was moved from my normal desk today and when gathering up all my loose papers and all that crap, I found a lot of older sketches going back a couple months...maybe even a year... These were all done while I was on Toot & Puddle.

I am not the dragon warrior...
Thats all for NOW! I have sooooo much more drawings to go through, this may be round 1 of many... Let me know about this Highlighter thing I got going on, I think it kinda looks cool...thats just me.

Stay classy, internet.

Friday, June 5, 2009


WOW! IT's been a month since I have posted. I was really hoping to post what I was currently working on at the time for work, but I thought I had better hold off on it as the Producers seemed to really like it an may want to see more. So, it may be a while before I can post THAT! So I'll post THESE INSTEAD!

I feel a story concept coming on...

I really had way too much fun doing these. It was originally supposed to be a set of 4, but I didn't like how one of them turned out. This was a GREAT learning exercise for me. I really don't know why I have been doing a set of characters, and not just single drawings...I think it just give me WAY more to work with...environment....story ideas....stuff like that. I found myself getting way too lost in the whole western setting...I think this past week, I have watched The Good, the Bad, and the ugly 3 times...

Anyways, I'll have more to come soon...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Alright, go easy on these ones. These were the first sketches I cleaned up on a tablet. They're a little messy, but yeah. I really wanted to get around to coloring the line art, but I guess I got preoccupied. Originally I wanted to make these a set of four, but I can't think of the fourth character yet. Any Ideas? I don't know why, but I love drawing Tribal related stuff. I have been referencing the Masai Tribe in Africa for the last week and a half, so I will definitely doing some Characters. If you don't know much about them...I strongly suggest you peep it. BOOM!

Also, I am really busy at work right forgive me for posting older stuff. I really have to check with my superiors on putting this next stuff up, as it is for a pitch idea. I will keep you posted. I have A LOT to show you guys. Hopefully I can put it up. Bang-a-Rang...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Elan Awards...

Alright...this last week has been pretty crazy. I am finally getting back into the swing of things. For those who didn't hear, I was privileged to attend the Third Annual Elan Award Show in Vancouver last week. I flew out there to represent myself and Algonquin College because my film was under the 'Best Student Film' category along with 2 other nominees...and what do you know...I WON!!? The whole situation was baffling. I'm still convinced I was drunk off red wine , stole the award and ran. But as it turns out, seeing as my name engraved on this thing...apparently it did happen. ANYWAYS, here it is!

Also, the award and I. Forgive me, I look like a cocky moron. This was the red wine, I swear...Plus it was like, 3 in the morning and I was still jet lagged.
Last one, I swear. Tom Kenny and I. This is the man who is responsible for the voice of Sponge Bob Squarepants! Also a little drunk off of Red Wine at this point.
You didn't think I wasn't going to post any drawings, did you? Well only a couple. Here are some warm-ups.
Also, a sketch I did waiting for my LIMO at the hotel in Vancouver...ahahah

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

About Friggn' Time...

YUP! I am a blogist... And it's about time. I really don't know why I have put this off for so long. But I'll get to the gist of this post... THE BOWLER!
This first Mid-tone sketch was done as a brain fart. What started off as scribbles ended up as a crazy Bowler guy. Anyways, I didn't waste anytime banging out some rough expressions and color concepts.

I'm aware the character is still young, but I plan on finishing the turn around I started when I have the time. And yes, I am currently obsessed with mid tones right now. It's been a crazy month for me, I'm all over the place. I'd like to say expect fast updates on here, I have A LOT of work I would love to post to get some opinions. Some work from school, and mostly more finished recent work.......alright fine....1 more. This one was up on my Facebook profile for a bit, I'll put it up for Higher Res' sake.

Stay tuned, internet!